The GenoCommunity Think Tank: First National Meeting


The website will be undergoing many changes in the near future and will be re-organized according to input from the GenoCommunity Think Tank: First National Meeting.  For now the documents related to the meeting are posted on this page.  Please return to the site again when the updates are complete to see the transformation.

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The Office for Public Health Genomics, in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (OPHG/CDC) provided funds to the Center for Public Health and Community Genomics (CPHCG) at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, to convene the GenoCommunity Think Tank: First National Meeting in September, 2010 with the purpose of furthering community engagement in genomics.

CPHCG eagerly utilized this opportunity for partnering with members of the National Community Committee (NCC) of the nation’s prevention research centers. This will build upon an earlier project implementing five community-hosted Community Genomics Forums, and a more recent proposal (unfunded) to create an infrastructure for community partnership with genomic research institutions.

Plan and implement the GenoCommunity Think Tank: First National Meeting attended by NCC members and representatives from academic and local health department partners, with the following objectives:
• Share best practices and promising practices for achieving community engagement to learn about genomics and its relevance to community health and the reduction of health disparities
• Share information about available funding to support community engagement about genomics and how community-based organizations might get technical support to realize these funding opportunities
• Consider strategies for incorporating genomics in the community-based participatory research agendas of prevention research centers
• Consider strategies for incorporating genomic applications (e.g. family health history) in the practice of local health departments and discuss strategies on how to get information about genomic applications out into the community in partnership with community-based organizations
• Share information on current and potential policy issues involving community interests in genomic research and its applications (e.g. direct-to-consumer testing; personalized medicine; mandatory registration of genetic tests) and consider how to engage community members in policy development
• Establish a Genomics Special Interest Group within the NCC to represent the community interest in genomic research and its applications.
• Revive and modify the web site formerly utilized in the Midwest Community Genomics Forum project, for continuing use by the Special Interest Group

Monday-Tuesday, September 20-21, 2010

St. Louis, MO

The Workshop budget provided funding for attendance at the GenoCommunity Think Tank: First National Meeting (2 nights) by 2 community members, 1 academic member and 1 local health department member of 25 prevention research centers, plus staff and several invited speakers.

Planning Committee: This will consist of 6 NCC members; 1 representative from PRC academic institutions and 1 representative from the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO). Ex officio members have been added from CDC/OPHG and the National Human Genomic Research Institute (NHGRI). The Planning Committee will be convened and supported by CPHCG.

Conference Planner: A professional conference planner planned the logistical details of the GenoCommunity Think Tank: First National Meeting.

Center Support: CPHCG provided staff and financial support for the implementation of the GenoCommunity Think Tank: First National Meeting and the revival and modification of the web site, utilizing funding provided by CDC/OPHG.